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Derek Baker, PGA of Canada Class A Professional  Owner and Academy Director, Derek Baker Golf Academy

Derek Baker, PGA of Canada Class A Professional

Owner and Academy Director, Derek Baker Golf Academy

My name is Derek Baker, and I am the Owner and Academy Director at Derek Baker Golf Academy. I have been a PGA of Canada Member since 2009, and have taught and developed junior golf programs for my entire career at several prestigious golf courses. My primary focus is providing engaging, structured, long-term coaching programs to golfers of all skill levels. I utilize a holistic approach that involves consistent, measured skill progression in all facets of the game. Whether you or your children are new to the game, or are competitive golfers, I look forward to making your on-course experience match your goals.



Here are a few of the highlights of my teaching and coaching experience:

  • Recipient of the 2018 PGA of Alberta Junior Leader of the Year Award

  • Developed Junior Golf Programs, and taught hundreds of Junior Golf Classes  and private lessons at some of the top golf courses in Canada: The Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge Golf Club, Windermere Golf and Country Club, and now the Edmonton Country Club

  • Nominated as a finalist for 2016 and 2017 PGA of Alberta Junior Leader of the Year Award

  • Nominated as a finalist for 2017 PGA of Alberta Teacher of the Year Award

  • Certified in NCCP Instructor of Beginner Golfers and Instructor of Intermediate Golfers

  • Certified Titleist Performance Institute Level 1 Instructor, Level 2 Junior, and Level 2 Golf Instructor

  • Certified Operation 36 Level 1 and Level 2 Golf Instructor


STUDENT and parent Reviews

My 2 daughters have been fortunate to have Derek as a coach for the last several years. Not only does Derek provide a top-notch program designed to teach all aspects of golf from the technical side of the game to etiquette, he also has an innate ability to make every participant feel they are capable of greatness.
We moved to Edmonton 3 years ago and immediately began looking for a golf club that would allow our 9 year old junior to play before 4 pm on weekends. What we found, or more to the point, who we found was Derek Baker! Truly the best coach our son has had.
In collaboration with each student, Derek develops both short and long term goals and creates a plan to get meet those goals. Whether lessons are in the summer on practice area, on the course or indoors during the winter they are always fun, and always are with the aim of improvement. He has the best intention of his students in mind at all times, and has an ability to push the students out of their comfort zone while also knowing when to come back another day. In 2017 Derek brought the Operation 36 program to our club. It’s a great balance of theory and practice. Through this program and under Derek’s guidance, our son’s game has improved immensely. Thanks to Derek, where our son would once get discouraged by a bad shot or a bade lie, he now sees this as a challenge because he has enough confidence in himself and game.
Golf is not just about the swing or the next round. It’s about courtesy, perseverance, honesty, respect and integrity and let’s face it’s about having fun! Derek lives these values and instills them in his students, and not just during lesson time. If he sees his student’s name on the tee sheet he will often drive out to see his students on the course to check in or simply offer some words of encouragement.
My son’s testimonial comes in the form of a project did a school. He had to pick a person in his life he looks up to and he explain why. Without hesitation he choose Derek because, in his words “ He loves what he does. He doesn’t treat me like a kid and he is wise in the ways of golf, and I want to be all of those things.”
As parents ( and students) we highly recommend Derek. He not only brings core values and fundamentals but innovation and fun to improve your golf game whether you are a total beginner or an experienced player.
— Kurt and Catherine Baraniecki, Parents
We were lucky enough to be able to enroll our 2 children in the Operation 36 program this past summer. WOW! We only wish a program like this for junior golf existed when we were young! The curriculum made sense and was very appropriate to the level of each player. The practices were focused and the drills that Derek developed to help reinforce the topics were fun for the kids and kept them engaged the entire time! The Operation 36 9-hole matches are a tremendous tool to introduce the game of golf to the kids. In these matches the students learn so much from rules, etiquette, scoring, competing and handling stress. Most importantly though is the fun factor for them is off the charts! Ultimately, when the students achieve their target of par or better, the sense of accomplishment and happiness in each child is very real. The icing on the cake is the use of the skill point chips as an incentive for the kids to try their best. The rewards Derek offers for the kids at the end of each semester when they cash in their skill point chips are great quality and really went over well with all of the kids!

Derek is a very patient and calm presence with the students. He adapts to each students learning style and works hard to ensure each student learns the necessary objectives to advance through the program. Derek has always been very approachable, open and accommodating with us as parents as well with any questions or concerns. We could not be happier to have Derek guiding our boys. Our kids will be attending the Operation 36 program once again this year as we strongly believe in the life long skills these lessons will help to develop in our children.
Our son participated last year in the Operation 36 Golf program run by Derek Baker. Derek exceeded our expectations in not only teaching golf skills and technique but he also taught the importance of proper etiquette and sportsmanship. The Operation 36 App played a key factor in motivating and inspiring our son to practice regularly and develop his golf skills. We would highly recommend Derek along with the Operation 36 program to those who are new to golf or looking to improve their game
— Susan and Stephen Moss
Derek is a nice coach and good at explaining things. I liked the golf games at practice and playing on the golf course. It was also fun to meet new friends!
Derek Baker and the Operation 36 program have been outstanding for our 9 year old son. It has allowed him to learn the on and off-course aspects of golf in a fit-for-purpose environment, that challenges each golfer to their specific skill set. Looking forward to many more years.
— Bob Lee, PARENT
Our three children were all happy and excited to sign up again for the Operation36 program and our third season with Derek as our instructor.
He is extremely knowledgeable, professional and dedicated, going above and beyond in every interaction people have with him.
He exudes kindness and patience at all times and was innovative in bringing this junior golf program to Edmonton.
Parents love having kids on the course teeing off from initially 25 yards, then 50 and increasing the distance away as they accomplish the round in 36 strokes or less. We have witnessed that this goal oriented learning format is extremely motivating for the young golfer.
Everyone loves the Operation36 App where you create a profile, track your golf skills, view content videos and watch your class mates success as well.
Can’t wait to get the season started again!
— The Drinkwater Family (Ages 10, 10, and 13)