Ages 7-14, Public welcome

Junior Academy Group Coaching Program

Powered by Operation 36

8 WEEK spring and summer SEMESTERs, class times and quantities vary based on age, Program Package, and Program location

Our Junior Academy Coaching Program powered by Operation 36 is a long-term, all-encompassing coaching program designed for any level of golfer. The program is based on a simple challenge - have students shoot 36 or better for 9 holes from the full tee box. We do this by taking students on a journey on the golf course starting 25 yards from the hole. As students meet the goal of shooting 36, they progress through incremental Yardage Divisions, until they are at the full tee box. To teach them skills along the way, students will work through a 6-level, 12-subject curriculum, where specific objectives need to be met in order to pass each subject. Students can use the Operation 36 Mobile App to measure their progress along the way, view objectives, and log when they play or practice. This is not a short-term "camp" or "clinic", and this program is designed to create skilled golfers. This program is offered at the Edmonton Country Club and Windermere Golf and Country Club. Students and parents can expect the following from the program :

  • Incremental progress through a structured curriculum that ranges from beginner skills to expert skills over a variety of subjects

  • An on-course experience with a realistic, demanding challenge

  • A clear pathway for students to follow to meet goals, including specific and measured feedback and progress updates

  • Small class sizes (6:1 student to coach ratio), where students are grouped with their peers in tightly defined age groups

  • Age and skill-specific group and individual competition

  • A fun environment that emphasizes self-discovery, and learning though training environments that are designed to challenge all skill levels

  • Learn how to practice in ways that create real learning

  • Prizes and rewards that students can earn in various ways

  • Improvement in all areas of the game of golf

  • Information for 2019 programs and registration below.



Edmonton Country Club

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Windermere Golf and Country Club

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Additional Program Details


Program Components

Students can choose to take part in some or all of the following program components depending on time commitment. The program brochures show which components are included in each Program Package. If you want your student to get better faster, we recommend they have more repetitions and contacts with the sport on a weekly basis.

Academy Class.png

Academy Class

Academy Classes are 1 hour long, run on a weekly basis, with 8 classes per semester, and have a maximum student to Coach ratio of 6:1. These classes are where students learn, and work through the Operation 36 12-subject, 6-level curriculum. Each class focuses on 1 subject so that students aren't overwhelmed with information. All juniors in the Operation 36 Program will participate in Academy Classes.

Operation 36 Matches.png

Operation 36 Matches

Operation 36 Matches are 9-hole tournament-style scheduled rounds of golf. There are 4 of these in each semester. These are where students get the opportunity to progress through the Yardage Divisions. In each Match, students play from the Yardage Division that they are currently at, and count every stroke for all 9 holes. If they pass their Division, then they get to move back one Division for the next Operation 36 Match. All juniors in the Operation 36 Program have access to the Operation 36 Matches.

Supervised Practice.png

Supervised Practices

Supervised Practices are 1 hour long, run on a weekly basis, with 8 Practices per semester, and have a maximum student to Coach ratio of 8:1. This is where students get a chance to practice under the watchful eye of a Coach. It can take a lot of practice to learn new motor skills, but the practicing techniques learned in the Supervised Practices can help students get through the skill acquisition process more quickly than they would get through it on their own. These structured practices are crucial to ensuring you don't get left behind. Supervised Practices are available in the Mini-Tour Package.